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  • Without my broadband connection I basically wouldn’t have a business, it’s pretty essential to what I do and in 19 years KCOM have never let me down.

    Paul Clarke of EU Editorial
  • The introduction of Lightstream at Burton Constable is bringing us into the 21st Century – we will be able to fulfil many of our back-room functions with greater speed and efficiency – everything from processing our memberships to selling gifts in the shop.

    Susan Hopkinson of Burton Constable Hall
  • We’re probably sending out 100 gigabytes of stuff every day - and receiving the same amount back from clients. Without Lightstream that simply wouldn’t be possible.

    Calvin Innes of Drunk Animal Creative Studio
  • The priority for us is a really fast upload speed because, as photographers, we can be sending files as big as three or four gigabytes per job. They’re huge files, but I know on Lightstream they can be sent within seconds.

    Jack Harland of R&R Studios

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