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As sales and marketing manager for global video games developer Lab42, Craig says it’s crucial that he has ultrafast and reliable broadband.

Craig, who lives and works from home in the Avenues area of Hull, said: “Lightstream is a fundamental part of my everyday work, quite simply I couldn’t function without it.

“I do a lot of really data heavy stuff, video editing, uploading files, downloading files, and I need the Lightstream connection to make that possible. It’s crucial that I have those speeds and the accessibility throughout the house – and even into the garden. I’m always receiving video calls and I need to be able to talk to colleagues and customers no matter where I am in the house.

“Basically, Lightstream is part of the furniture for me now – actually it’s part of the office furniture.”

Craig, who travels the globe talking to major league games developers, says his Lightstream service in Hull is as good as any broadband he’s found anywhere in the world.

“I do find it amusing when I travel to places like San Francisco to talk to people in Silicon Valley and they ask where I come from – so we get a map out and I show them where Hull is. Then I come back and I’m uploading and downloading to them from my home in the Avenues.”

Since moving to Hull 11 years ago Craig says he’s appreciated the local customer service KCOM has provided.

“I’ve always had a really good experience,” he says.

“I always upgrade to the best package when I can and the process is seamless every time. When I moved to my new house I phoned KCOM in advance and the broadband was up and running on the day I moved in – which was really important because I was in the middle of a project and ready to launch a new game, so I couldn’t afford to be offline.

“But everything was fine from day one and I was able get on with my job, which was a big relief for me. It just takes the stress out of everything.”