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  • Will I get to keep the same phone number?

    Yes, you will. This does not impact your phone number.

  • Which services will be affected?

    The following services will no longer be supported: Analogue Phonelines, ADSL, ISDN2, Centrex and some ISDN30 services. However, we are replacing these products with modern, up to date, services which will fit your individual business’s needs. Our team will be in touch with you to discuss what this means for you and your business.

  • Will there be any down time?

    If your business uses a single phone line, connecting to the new network may mean your service will be down for a short time between 10pm – 6am, Monday to Friday, during the upgrade. If you need to call the emergency services during this time, please use an alternative means, such as a mobile phone. Switching to different products may require an alternative means of migration, this will be discussed with you before any changes are made.

  • What if I’m in the middle of an emergency call during the switchover?

    Any 999 calls already underway when the switchover takes place won’t be affected by the service interruption.

  • I have a device connected to my phone line

    If you have other devices or services connected to your existing phone line, like a smoke or security alarm, you’ll need to check whether the device or service will work over the new technology. Your equipment provider should be able to provide this clarity for you.

    Please be aware that any additional services that were previously set up on your phone line such as voicemail, call diversion and call reminders will need to be reinstated after migrating.

  • What happens if there is a fibre outage or a power cut

    Once you have switched to full fibre, your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) must have power for you to be able to make calls.

    It’s important to note that if your broadband or power supply fails you may be unable to make any phone calls including those to emergency 999 services. In the rare circumstances this happens please use an alternative means to make these calls, such as a mobile phone. Feel free to contact us if you feel you need further support on this subject.

    In certain circumstances, where businesses are in need of extra support they may be eligible for a Battery Back Up Unit that will ensure service continues in the event of a power cut. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

  • Will my extension sockets work?

    No. If you have extension sockets around the office, these will not work after you have moved to fibre. If you want to use your existing extension sockets for any reason, we will discuss this requirement with you when we contact you.