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We're the small business broadband experts

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Whether you’re a hairdresser, coffee shop, butcher, baker or candlestick-maker, we have connectivity solutions that will help your small business keep up with the big ones. 

With KCOM your business can say ‘Hello to the Good Stuff’. Our team will help you get the best out of connectivity, simplify the complex and ensure you have the tools to support your ambitions and grow.   

We understand your business is your world and choosing the right provider is a big decision, you can rest assured that KCOM will be with you every step of the way.  Our local teams have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you make the right choice with trusted advice that lasts long beyond the sales journey and will provide support to ensure your business stays at the top of its game.

Our best broadband packages for small businesses

  •  £10 off per month

    300Mbps Average download speed

    Business Full Fibre 300 

    Great for smaller businesses
    Unlimited data
    Includes line rental
    150 Mbps upload speed
    24 month contract

    £49.99 a month*


    a month

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  • 500Mbps Average download speed

    Full Fibre 500 

    Taking the next step
    Unlimited data
    250 Mbps upload speed
    24 month contract
    Includes line rental with PAYG calls

    £54.99 a month*


    a month

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  •  £25 off per month

    900Mbps Average download speed

    Full Fibre 900 

    Supercharge your business
    Unlimited data
    500 Mbps upload speed
    24 month contract
    Includes line rental with PAYG calls

    £84.99 a month*


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    Case studies

      Here's what other businesses think:

      • Without my broadband connection I basically wouldn’t have a business, it’s pretty essential to what I do and in 19 years KCOM have never let me down.

        Paul Clarke of EU Editorial
      • We’re probably sending out 100 gigabytes of stuff every day - and receiving the same amount back from clients. Without Lightstream that simply wouldn’t be possible.

        Calvin Innes of Drunk Animal Creative Studio
      • The priority for us is a really fast upload speed because, as photographers, we can be sending files as big as three or four gigabytes per job. They’re huge files, but I know on Lightstream they can be sent within seconds.

        Jack Harland of R&R Studios

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