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How to use the Trainline app to its full potential


If you’re an avid traveller, whether for work or business, it’s highly likely that you spend half of your life on trains. While there are several good websites and apps available for you to book your journeys through, one of the best available at the minute is the Trainline app. Simple to use and featuring a sleek and attractive design, it’s a must-have feature on your home screen.

Guest checkout option for booking tickets

One of the best and easiest features of the Trainline app is the ability to book train tickets without having to faff about with signing in or creating an account. All you need to give them is a name and your payment details, and you’re instantly ready to purchase a ticket and hop on that train.


Live features to help you track your journey

The Trainline app refreshes constantly with live updates, including platform numbers and journey progress. If you’re halfway through a trip and need to check what time you’re arriving, or you’re worried about delays causing you to miss your connection, simply pop open the app and check whereabouts you are and how long it’ll be until you reach your destination.


Storing your tickets on your mobile phone

There’s nothing worse than boarding a train and realising halfway through that your tickets are nowhere to be seen, leaving you with no other option than to cry on the ticket inspector and hope that they don’t fine you. Fortunately, the Trainline app allows you to keep your tickets on your phone, eliminating any fear of that little slip of orange card escaping your back pocket and leaving you stranded.

Once your tickets are booked, simply download onto the app and you can open them on your screen any time they’re needed. You don’t even have to be using the internet to access your tickets, as long as you’ve made sure to activate them first.


Allowing helpful notifications

If you’re the type to get distracted easily when booking and often forget to check for special offers and information, fear not – with the Trainline app, you can activate pop-up notifications to inform you of things as soon as you hit the booking page.

Letting you know about route changes, delays and booking fees, as well as offering handy tips on how to use the app itself, these notifications ensure everything you need is always at your fingertips.


Sharing the details of your trip

You can easily let people know your ETA or give them the details of any upcoming travel plans by sharing your journey info via the Manage my Booking function on the app.

You can even share a link to live journey updates via Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and more, quickly letting whoever is nagging you about what time to put your tea in the oven where you are in your journey.

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