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  • *Offer is available to new fibre broadband residential customers (Available in postcodes HU1 to HU17 inclusive). The monthly discount quoted will be applied to your bill each month for the 24-month contract period. Our standard published prices will apply thereafter, see Prices shown above are in contract prices, the prices for your broadband package after the minimum contract term increase by up to £3 per month if you don’t recontract. £24.99 connection fee applies. All other charges, including bolt-ons are unchanged. Prices subject to CPI plus 3.9% increase every March. Speeds quoted are average download speeds. All orders are subject to status, credit check and our Universal Conditions for Service, see Offer ends 06/08/2023.

    • Full terms and conditions

      The offer

      Discount applies on the following KCOM Full Fibre Broadband packages:

      Full Fibre 100: £12pm off for duration of the 24-month contract period (standard price £41.99)

      Full Fibre 300: £10pm off for duration of the 24-month contract period (standard price £49.99)

      Full Fibre 500: £10pm off for duration of the 24-month contract period (standard price £59.99)

      Full Fibre 900: £10pm off for duration of the 24-month contract period (standard price £69.99)

      Offer Period – 2nd May to 6th August 2023. 

      Offer available to new fibre broadband customers (Available in postcodes HU1 to HU17 inclusive).

      Prices subject to CPI plus 3.9% increase each March. Prices shown above are in contract prices, the prices for your broadband package after the minimum contract term increase by up to £3 per month if you don’t recontract. Offer applies to orders placed instore, online or by telephone during the Offer Period. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the Offer at any stage. Cash or credit alternatives will not be offered. Offers are administered by KCOM Group Limited, 37 Carr Lane, Hull HU1 3RE and these terms are governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


      Speeds quoted are average download speeds. Minimum, maximum and average speeds are based on actual access line speeds within those postcode areas. If you receive speeds significantly below than the minimum stated here and we’re unable to fix it, you can cancel your contract at any time with no termination fee.

      Where we deliver Lightstream real fibre broadband (FTTH) services, the performance of our network is unaffected by distance and configured to support the speeds that we advertise. This does not mean that you will always receive these headline speeds but we do manage our network to minimise the drops in performance. In the minority of cases where Lightstream broadband is delivered using alternative network technologies (FTTC) to deliver your broadband service the performance will vary by distance.

      For more information on speeds, please click here.

      Your order

      All orders are subject to network availability, minimum 24 month contract, status, credit check and our Universal Conditions for Service available at To view our early termination charge policy, click here.

      All prices include VAT and are based on payment by Direct Debit and Online Billing. Payment by non-Direct Debit or paper billing are available options but subject to additional monthly charges.

    Speed calculator

    What do the speeds mean to you in real terms? View an estimated download time for some of the most common file types. See how choosing the right broadband package could make all the difference.

    Download Speed/Mbps










    Examples are for illustrative purposes only. File sizes are indicative only and may be larger or smaller depending on content. Download times are measured in seconds and calculated using the formula file size (MB) / (download speed(Mbs) / 8) and compare KCOM’s 900Mbps Lightstream fibre to the home broadband service with Ofcom’s reported average speed for UK home broadband - FTTC connections (46.8Mbps). Please note KCOM services are subject to a traffic management policy. For more information on speeds, please visit our broadband speeds explained page.

    KCOM Smart Wi-Fi access point

    KCOM Smart Wi-Fi

    Enjoy a premium Wi-Fi experience that delivers whole-home coverage for all the family. KCOM Smart Wi-Fi promotes seamless streaming and surfing throughout the home - including those hard-to-reach spots.

    • Wi-Fi 6 access points work together with your Lighthub-A router to provide a strong, reliable internet connection in every room
    • Easy installation and management with the MPro app
    Learn more about Smart Wi-Fi
    KCOM next-gen Lighthub 2.0 router that comes with every full fibre order

    Next-gen Lighthub 2.0 router

    All orders include our Light Hub 2.0 router, offering our full fibre customers faster speeds, greater coverage, a more reliable connection and an optimised quality of service, even when multiple users are streaming, gaming and browsing simultaneously.
    • WI-fi 6 - The only router that has the latest Wi-Fi 6 capability.
    • Compatibility with Smart Wi-fi - The next gen router is Mesh capable, meaning it integrates well with current Smart Wifi
    • Higher Security Router - Equipped with option to upgrade to the latest Wifi encryption WPA 3
    • Better Antenna Qty - Antenna quality of 2.4Ghz – 4x4 and 5Ghz – 4x4.
    • Technology Compatibility - Better compatibility with latest technology as more devices are supported by Zyxel EX 5401
    • Full Fibre Compatibility - Only available to customers on the full fibre product

    Helping you decide

    There's lots to consider when it comes to broadband, from speeds to data to the different types of broadband technology. We've put together a guide which will help you decide the best broadband bundle for your circumstances.

    Broadband buying guide

    What our customers say

    • We're on the 250Mbps package and it works a treat, no issues. We've cancelled our Sky subscription since getting it and just download/stream now.

      James Wilson of Hull
    • I have to say a massive thank you to @KCOMhome today for a fast and effective service sorting my Lightstream at home today! Service with a smile, a new router and so helpful. I'm up and running faster than ever!

      Jan Hornby of Hedon
    • Shout out to the engineer who came to my house today to sort the WiFi out! Absolutely brilliant and great customer service, which is rare these days!

      Vicky of Hull

      All broadband products come packaged with Pay-As-You-Go calls

      The call package includes:

      • Monthly line rental
      See all of our call package options


      • How long will it take to set up?

        In most cases, from order to activation it takes between 7 and 14 days for your internet to be set up and ready to use. Once you’ve placed your order with us, we’ll give you a call to arrange an installation date that suits you. If necessary, we’ll also arrange a pre-install appointment to connect the fibre to the outside of your home.

        On the big day, one of our engineers will need access to your home for around two hours. They'll fit your fibre cables, set up your new router, connect one of your devices and then leave you in peace to enjoy faster, more reliable broadband.

      • Can I keep my phone number?
        All new Lightstream full fibre broadband customers will be set up with a new landline number. This will be displayed within your My Account profile after installation.

      • What happens if I need to cancel?

        If you change your mind after ordering, please contact us straight away and let us know. You can cancel within 14 days without giving any reason – read more about this here.

        If we carry out the installation process and begin to provide service within the 14-day cancellation period, you will still have the right to cancel at any point within this period. However, you would need to pay for any services provided up to the cancellation date (such as any installation charges).

        Once the cancellation period has passed, if you choose to end your service within the contract term, an early termination charge may apply. Read more about early termination charges here.