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Hull tops the UK – and world – broadband charts


It’s official. Hull is the best place to live in the UK for fast broadband, new research has revealed

Comparison website Broadband Choices has released new data showing Hull enjoys the fastest broadband in the UK with an average download speed of 87Mbps.

This is more than 30Mbps faster than the average UK download speed which stands at 54.2Mbps.

KCOM managing director Sean Royce said KCOM’s full fibre Lightstream service is delivering the ultrafast speeds that are driving Hull and East Yorkshire to the top of the broadband tables.

He said: “I’m delighted to see Hull is now being recognised across the UK as the best place in the UK for broadband excellence.

“This independent report is more evidence that our decision to invest in a full fibre network, connecting more than 200,000 homes and businesses across the region to the very best broadband available, was the right one.

“These reports put Hull firmly on the map and show we are leading the way when it comes to providing a world-class broadband service. Our full fibre network enables customers to surf, stream and download better than ever before at home and business across the region to compete on a truly global level.”

In order to find out which areas of the UK had the best access to fast broadband, Broadband Choices analysed data from Ofcom's latest Connected Nations report as well as collecting its own data from 121 locations across the UK.

The research found that, after Hull, Swindon had the next highest average speed at 84Mbps while Cleveland was third with speeds of 75Mbps.

Some areas of London, by comparison, suffer from below average broadband speeds ranging from 47Mbps to 53Mbps.

Despite Hull topping the UK’s broadband chart, the quoted speed of 87Mbps is already out of date as hundreds more households connect to KCOM’s Lightstream service each week.

KCOM recently announced that 100,000 people are now connected to its full fibre broadband.

The latest data released by broadband industry experts Think Broadband shows the average download speed in Hull has now risen even higher to 97.4Mbps. This figure puts Hull and East Yorkshire squarely at the top of the world broadband speed tables.

Hull’s nearest competitor is Taiwan, which has an average download speed of 85Mbps.

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