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Who is Fortnite’s new footballing season superstar?


A new season of Fortnite is set to launch tomorrow (March 16)

A new season of Fortnite is set to launch tomorrow (March 16) promising more battle royale thrills and spills - and maybe even a footballing superstar.

Epic Games’ mega-popular open world shooter is set to debut Season Six at 4pm UK time, meaning it’s likely to be another busy night online.

Among the highlights teased by the game’s developers is Fortnite’s “most ambitious cinematic story yet” – which is a big claim for a series that has already had a tie-in with Star Wars’ hit TV show the Mandalorian and Marvel’s Avengers.

One rumour is that Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is set to feature in the new season – and players may even be able to play as the Brazilian superstar.

The footballer’s shirt number featured in a short preview on social media, which Neymar himself then retweeted to his 52m followers.

Of course, a major Fortnite release means thousands of gamers across the UK will be seeking to download the latest season updates. But don’t worry, KCOM’s full fibre network is ideally placed to cope with any major increase in download demands.

Most internet users should not notice any major difference in their online experience for streaming or online browsing.

Unlike other providers, KCOM stores ‘caches’ of popular content for platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and iPlayer on its own local network, meaning it can be delivered directly to customers without having to pass through slow external networks outside of Hull and East Yorkshire.

If downloading gamers do notice a slower than normal service that will more than likely be due to bottlenecks on networks outside of our control as people around the world all scramble to download the updates from the game designers.

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