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KCOM keeps loved ones connected throughout lockdown


When we asked for feedback from non-KCOM customers about their broadband experiences throughout lockdown, recurring ‘pain points’ were online shopping, TV programme streaming and keeping in touch with loved ones.

As we prepare to re-join the outside world, cautiously emerging out of lockdown life, it’s perhaps a bittersweet feeling, as many of us were beginning to adapt to a simpler, slower paced way of life. Have we welcomed the gentle reprise from social commitments and events that have dominated our evenings and weekends for as long as we can remember?

There is no denying that the strict (but safe) laws imposed that restricted close contact with families and friends was the hardest part of lockdown life. But has this unusual time made us more thankful for those that matter most, and prove that absence really has made our hearts grow fonder?

For sure, nothing can replace the face-to-face closeness and hugs we share with our nearest and dearest, yet the pandemic has perhaps made us better equipped to communicate online, thanks to our broadband connectivity and performance.

In fact, when we asked non-KCOM customers* in East Yorkshire what the main ‘pain points’ with their broadband performance were during the pandemic, the top three recurring themes were inconsistent online shopping issues, TV programmes were often spoiled because of buffering; but most importantly, contact with loved ones was compromised because of poor connection.

Thankfully, KCOM customers were able to rely on their real fibre broadband connectivity throughout the pandemic and could stay in close contact with their favourite people and enjoy doing all the things they love online.

Not yet a real fibre broadband customer? Don’t be late to the party and experience the in-home online set up you deserve.   


*Based on a survey of 959 non- KCOM customers (online and telephone-based responses).

Survey carried out in October 2020 by KCOM Insights team ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Broadband

Initial Research Findings’

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