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KCOM removes data caps to help homeworkers during Covid-19 outbreak


Reassuring customers who are worried that working from home may push them over their data limit

KCOM has announced it is to remove broadband data caps for those working from home during the Coronavirus emergency.

From 19 March, the Hull-based internet provider will not count data usage for home working activities such as video calls and the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and online office software packages to help people who are working from home. KCOM will review this at the end of each month and notify customers of any changes in its approach.

The move is to reassure customers who may be worried that being online more due to working from home will push them over their monthly data limit.

A spokesman for KCOM said: “At KCOM we’re committed to supporting our community and doing as much as we can to help our customers get through this difficult time with as little disruption as possible.

“This means typical working from home activities such as connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), making a Skype video call or using office software that’s hosted online or in the cloud will not count towards your monthly data limit. We’ll review this at the end of each month and let customers know of any changes.

“We hope removing this extra reason for worry will mean businesses and employees across our Hull and East Yorkshire region can continue to work normally as far as is possible under very difficult circumstances.”

Gaming and live streaming or downloading media, such as playing on an X-Box, streaming a show on Netflix or downloading a show on iPlayer, will still count towards customers’ monthly data limits as normal. While the measures are in place customers with broadband packages that have usage caps will only be billed for over usage that falls into one of these categories.

Customers who have any concerns about their usage can contact KCOM’s customer service team on 01482 602555.

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