Want broadband without having to pay for calls? Now you can.


New broadband plans that put you in control.

We’ve listened, and now it’s time to put you in control. Our new flexible plans let you pick your data and add a landline only if you need it.

1. Pick your data

Choose from our wide range of data packages, from unlimited data perfect for downloading and gaming to your heart’s content, to having enough for updating your social media and listening to music.

2. Add your calls

Choose from our selection of local, national and international call packages. Our call packages are flexible and can be added for a short time if and when required.

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Stream more with our data packages

Our broadband packages come with variable data options, making it perfect for streaming all of your favourite programs like the new Game of Thrones and with winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stay out of the cold and binge watch until your hearts content.

Everyone online at the same time

The whole household can go online at the same time with our fixed broadband connection. Whether you’re gaming on your tablet or Skyping on the laptop, the whole family can share the online experience.

Saving money online

Whether it’s comparing and switching utility providers or selling your old stuff on Gumtree. There’s £100’s to be made and saved by surfing the web.

You told us you wanted more flexibility and the option to not pay for landline calls you don’t use.

You’re in control with our new flexible broadband plans that let you pick and choose what’s important, with the option for no landline calls at all.

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