What type of internet user are you?


Find out what type of internet user you are, and just how much data you actually need.

What type of internet user are you, and just how much data do you actually need?

Every time you open an email, like a photo on Facebook or stream your favourite song, you’re using up data. While some people might be constantly checking their Facebook notifications, you may only be scrolling down your Twitter feed once a day.

Different people use different amounts of data, so to keep everyone happy, we’ve expanded our range of data packages. From 150GB to 600GB, there’s lots of options to choose from.

But with all this choice, it can be difficult to know just how much data you need. Here’s a handy little guide to help you work out whether you’re a light, medium or heavy internet user.


Light internet user

If you’re only using the internet for everyday tasks like checking the news, scrolling Facebook and online banking, you’re probably a light internet user.

You’re potentially going online on an iPad or phone, rather than a desktop computer or laptop, and you’re not going online for more than an hour each day.

Perfect for: One-person households

Your perfect Lightstream package: 150GB of data at 200Mbps

£40 per month


Medium internet user

Going online for social media, emailing and catching up on last week’s episodes of First Dates?

If you’re doing all of this, and maybe a bit of online shopping here and there, you’re probably a medium internet user.

Your online habits align with the majority of people, and if you’ve got more than one connected device, you’ll need a good amount of data to work with.

Perfect for:  People who stream occasionally / Two or three-person households

Your perfect Lightstream package: 200GB of data at 200 Mbps / 400GB of data at 200 Mbps

£42 per month / £48 per month


Heavy internet user

You’re a seasoned internet pro. From streaming music and TV to online gaming and video calls – you can do it all. We’re surprised you found time to take a break from all those box sets to be able to read this article.

You maybe have quite a few people on the same connection, with everyone being online at once, so you’ll need a data allowance and speed that can handle it.

Perfect for: Box set bingers / Student house-shares or families

Your perfect Lightstream package: 600GB of data at 400 Mbps / £55 per month


If you feel like you don’t fit into any of those categories, and you need a little help working out how much data you need, feel free to give our experts a call on 01482 602555.

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