February eSports roundup


From new competitions and championships, to phenomenal events around the globe, there’s plenty going on in the digital realm of eSports.

NEUL Spring opens

It’s an exciting time as the NUEL season recently opened and we saw three featured matchups on the stream.

University teams Hertfordshire Blue vs. Resident Sleeper (Aberdeen) battled against each other, alongside Brighton Honey Badgers and Shomebody Toucha My Spaghetti (Sheffield Hallam) ,plus Fusion Waiting Room (Durham) vs. Reservoir Hogs (Aberdeen).

As always, one of the best parts of the games is finding out the hilarious choices for team names.


The amazing Rainbow 6 Siege 2018 Invitational Tournament

Everyone is still buzzing after the 2018 Six Invitational. We’re sure you’ll agree that is was a particularly spectacular event.

The best-of-five final between Penta and Evil Geniuses was by far one of the greatest we’ve seen. Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen’s awesome 1v2 clutch to win the global championship is one of the most iconic eSports moment of the year.


First ever UK-based CSGO Major to be hosted by FaceIt

That’s right, the competitive gaming platform is collaborating with the creators of the Esports Championship Series to organise the first CSGO Major in the country.

The fantastic event takes place at the Wembley SSE Arena in London in September. With an expected attendance of over ten thousand spectators, along with 24 participating teams, it’s bound to be an epic event.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 2 April if you’d like to attend and cheer on your players.


LoL Spring Championship Power Rankings

Week two of the LoL Spring Championship is over and these are the current power rankings:

50 Kent (5-1, South & Wales, University of Kent)

Sponsored by Hyper-Exe LUL (6-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter)

Prelude Gaming (5-1, South & Wales, University of Southampton)

UAE Monkey Cage (4-2, South & Wales, University of East Anglia)

Sheff ucked me (6-0, North & Midlands, University of Sheffield)

Super Duper Giant Truck Team (6-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter)

Noltey’s E-girl Squad (5-1, North & Midlands, University of Leeds)

IC Monkeys (5-1, South & Wales, Imperial College)

Grey Warwick (4-2, South & Wales, University of Warwick)

The bUoYs (5-1, North & Midlands, University of York)

Fake Taxi SHUK (5-1, North & Midlands, Sheffield Hallam University)


Great news – eSports is booming!

It has been estimated that this thriving industry will produce £650m in revenue in 2018. Meanwhile, the British eSports community will reach over 380 million people.

The record-breaking figures have been calculated by Newzoo, the global leader in eSports, games and mobile intelligence. It’s an inspiring time for gamers and observers alike!

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