eSports roundup 06/03/18


Eager to know what’s going on in the zany world of eSports? We’ve rounded up the top five news stories from around the UK.

Corey Beeley’s new partnership with Esports Gear

Esports Gear, the online gaming gear retailer, has recently announced a partnership with Corey Beeley, a League of Legends player and one of the MVPs from last year’s Esports News UK Scouting Grounds.

Keen to support young rising stars and grassroots talent, the online shop claims to be the country’s first eSports hardware trader, selling all types of mice, headsets, gaming chairs and keyboards.


Vexed Gaming disqualified from ESL UK & Ireland Rainbow Six Siege Premiership

Professional eSports organisation, Vexed Gaming, has been disqualified from the famous premiership for having an underage player in its team.

Sam “Scythe” Lowe broke the Rainbow Six: Siege rule that all players participating in the league must be 18 years of age or older. They will now miss the LAN Finals that take place this weekend (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March).

“We would like to go on record and state our full backing for ESL in this decision,” Vexed Gaming said. “We at Vexed strive to maintain our professionalism and adhere to competition rules at all times.”

The teams attending the ESP Premiership are now 1UPesports, Horizon Union, Team Enyx and Radix Esports. 


LoL Power Rankings

The League of Legends Spring Championship is now in its third week. Here are the current power rankings:

  • 50 Kent (7-2, South & Wales, University of Kent)
  • Sponsored by Hyper-Exe LUL (9-0, South & Wales, University of Exeter)
  • UAE Monkey Cage (7-2, South & Wales, University of East Anglia)
  • Grey Warwick (7-2, South & Wales, University of Warwick)
  • Noltey’s Egirl Squad (8-1, North & Midlands, University of Leeds)
  • Super Duper Giant Truck Team (8-1, South & Wales, University of Exeter)
  • LU Gon’ Give It Ya (8-1, North & Midlands, Loughborough University)
  • Bristol Palace (8-1, South & Wales, University of Bristol)
  • York Vs Warwick match.

Meanwhile, it’s the second week of the Overwatch NUEL Spring and there’s a very competitive atmosphere. The York vs Warwick game is said to have been one of the most nailbiting watches of the season.

The match saw York’s second team beat Warwick after twenty minutes of stunning form from both teams.


New game advisers revealed by BEA

Four brand new game advisers have been announced by The British Esports Association.

The not-for-profit BEA was originally established to promote and support grassroots eSports in Britain. They organised an initial group of game advisers last spring in order to bring the communities of each game together.

The new advisers are aspiring pro sim racer Phillip Russell; Nick Egan, co-owner and founder of PS4 racing league F1 Ts Hub; cosplayer and streamer, Ash Cosplay; and collectable card game (CCG) caster and streamer, Connagh “Merchant” Hawkins.

The latter two will be advising on Gwent, the thriving digital CCG, whilst Nick will be on board as an adviser for the F1 game and Phillip is supporting Project CARS 2 Actrollvision GT5 League on Xbox.

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