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Fortnightly eSports roundup


Here’s your first October update on the latest goings-on in the fascinating realm of eSports.

Ohio State University to offer courses on eSports coaching

A brand new programme from Ohio State University is set on preparing students for a career in eSports. Just like any other industry, getting ready for a serious career in eSports requires some level of education. Because of this, Ohio State is offering its students courses on eSports coaching, business management, marketing and game development, alongside building a state-of-the-art eSports arena.

The recent growing popularity of the eSports industry should help to quell any doubts from parents worrying that their children will leave school without any marketable skills. eSports are expected to generate almost $1 billion in revenue globally this year, and as audiences continue to grow around the world, the need for professionals with specific skills is only going to increase further.


The eSports industry gains momentum in Japan

During the last few months, eSports competitions hit the spotlight in several countries.

In August there was a significant presence at the Asian Games in Indonesia as a demonstration sport, alongside swimming and various other traditional athletic activities. A month later, in September, more eSports events were held at the Tokyo Game Show.

With eSports continuing to gain momentum around the world, one thing that’s certain is that tons of traditional sports leagues have begun to embrace the phenomenon. Both the Japan Football Association and Nippon Professional Baseball are involved in eSports leagues, with the JFA stating that they see investing in eSports as a way to reach a whole new audience.


Premier League to launch competition for gamers

England's Premier League is in the process of launching an eSports competition that will allow fans to compete on behalf of their club in FIFA. The league has teamed up with popular gaming company Electronic Arts, with eSports tournament organisers Gfinity set to operate the league.

All 20 Premier League clubs involved in the game will have a live playoff round, giving two lucky competitors a chance to advance to the ePremier League (ePL) Final. The final of the ePL is set to be held in London from 28-29 March 2019 and will be broadcast on Sky Sports for those unable to attend in person.


Worlds 2018 starts with a bang

It's a big week for League of Legends fans as the Worlds Championship Tournament is set to commence on 10 October.

Riot Games kicked off Worlds 2018 this past weekend, with a selection of games to get viewers and fans hyped up. The Playin Knockout rounds included Cloud9, Gambit, G2, and Infinity, with the first two matches seeing Cloud9 and Edward Gaming champion over Gambit and DetonatioN FocusMe.

The group stage, starting on Wednesday, is where the Worlds tournament really steps up a gear. If you missed last weekend’s games and you want to catch up, be sure to check out the official Riot Games Twitch account.

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