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Up your gif game with Giphy


We’ve listed some of our favourite gifs below for your viewing pleasure

Name an occasion and there’s definitely a suitable gif to celebrate it. One of the best resources for gifs is Giphy, which works with a wide range of social media platforms and smart devices to allow you to easily embed a gif into anywhere, whether it’s a text, tweet, WhatsApp message or blog post. We’ve listed some of our favourite gifs below for your viewing pleasure.


Kicking it off with a dog gif


There’s nothing the online world loves more than a cute gif of a pet, and this is one of the cutest ones on Giphy. This sweet little ball of fluff will make a great addition to any happy message.




This cute Peanuts gif is a great one to use whenever a friend gives you some good news, or you’ve got something exciting to share on your profile. It’ll also bring a little bit of nostalgia to fans of Snoopy and the gang.


Never gonna give you up...


Rickrolling might be one of the oldest memes on the internet, but that doesn’t mean it’s become any less popular over the years. Use this gif on an unsuspecting pal who might not have seen it in a while for a good laugh, or simply when you’re feeling up for a bit of a dance. 


Cat on a laptop


Cats are up there with dogs on the list of the internet’s favourite animals, and there are plenty of cat gifs available for every mood. This funny feline is having a great time typing away on his computer, so you can send it to a colleague to share a little joy in the office on a slow Monday. Purrfect!


Send a friend a high five!


This gif from American version of The Office depicts not only a high five, but a virtual one. Since you’ll be sending it online it’s a perfect choice, as it proves that even if you’re not able to give a real high five, the thought still counts.


A sweet virtual hug


Gifs don’t always have to be used for a chuckle – they can sometimes work just as well in more sensitive situations too. This cute little gif of two fluffballs hugging is perfect for cheering up a friend who might be feeling a bit down. It’s a nice way to let them know you’re there for them, even when you’re not together in person.


Working hard or hardly working?


Channel your inner Homer and let everyone know you’re busy on the job with this fun gif from The Simpsons. Great for informing a friend that you can’t make lunch because you’ve got a lot on, or maybe just popping at the bottom of a lighthearted work email.


Party time!


Throwing a party and want everyone to know that it’s going be a great time? Add this funky alien gif to all of your invites to get everyone in the mood for a boogie.

You can find all of the above and even more great gifs on the Giphy website and app.

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