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Light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel as UK schools begin reopening


Children are heading back into the classroom this week

The year since the Covid-19 pandemic began is undoubtedly one that people in the UK will struggle to forget.

In these unprecedented times, families have faced some of the most challenging and disruptive restrictions to their daily lives, especially with the closure of UK schools for most of the year.

However, the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel may be just around the corner, as this week, schools are finally reopening across the UK. Of course, safety practices and procedures will be in place to include regular student and teacher testing; mandatory face masks and continued mindfulness of social distancing. Schools may not look the same as they did 12 months ago, but parents, children and teachers alike should certainly feel proud of how they have stepped up to the challenge.

Without a doubt, the initial thought of home schooling for parents was daunting to say the least. In the last few months, online learning through apps such as Google Classrooms has become the norm, providing the essential link between students and teachers, with parents taking on new roles to motivate their children and provide a classroom at home.

According to Julia, a local mum of two, who works from home, it has been a challenge, but the online support from the school and other parents has made life easier.

Sean, a teacher in a North Lincolnshire primary school has been impressed with how communities have pulled together and adapted to new ways of learning. “Teaching online was not something I thought would be part of my life. However, the pandemic has created a new opportunity for remote learning, and the digital and online tools that children are now using will add to their skillset. This new way of working is now something we know can work, so we have a contingency plan in place for unexpected roadblocks.”

Staying connected during the last 12 months has been more important than ever before. Not only to work and learn from home, but we have exercised online, attended medical appointments and bridged the gap between ourselves and our loved ones.

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