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The latest robots to welcome into your home


Move over, Roomba, there’s a whole new variety of household robots on the market, and some of them seem more man than machine. Check out our selection of AI assistants below – you might find yourself adding something new to your Christmas list.


Potentially the cutest product on the list, the Anki Vector is basically a little electronic butler. Powered by some seriously hi-tech tech, there’s almost nothing Vector can’t do, whether you’re looking for a quick update on the weather or someone to take a hands-free photo at a family get-together.

Vector has the ability to react to your touch, recognise the difference between you and other people, and map out the room so that he doesn’t crash into anything you might leave lying around on the floor. You can even purchase a small home for your Vector, keeping him in a confined space for the night where he can charge up ready for the day ahead.

The Anki Vector currently retails at £249.99.


The Worx Landroid

Android helpers don’t have to be confined to the inside of your home. The Worx Landroid is a robotic lawnmower that takes some of the hard work out of keeping your garden nice and tidy, allowing you to set it up to trundle across your grass automatically without having to push it around.

Suitable for lawns up to 800m², the Worx Landroid is equipped with three cutting blades for effective mowing, and rain sensors that will shut it down when it starts to drizzle. You can even set a timer so that it works on a schedule, whilst a unique pin code protects it against theft.

You can currently purchase the Worx Landroid from Clas Ohlson for £649.99.



If you use a lot of android-based technology in your household, there are certain home robots you can purchase that work alongside your others. The Lynx home robot is an Amazon product that works directly with your Alexa device, giving you the ability to control it from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in your home.

The Lynx has a Surveillance Mode setting that allows you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re away, and you can even use it to communicate with family members whilst you’re at work. Alexa is constantly being updated with new features and the Lynx gets smarter with every software update, so you don’t have to worry about spending money to upgrade.

The Lynx home robot is currently unavailable to buy directly in the UK, but you can find it on for $799.99.



Okay, so maybe it’s not time to say goodbye to the Roomba just yet. Though the device is visually very simple, it doesn’t mean its functions aren’t still some of the best available. A handy little hoover that travels hands-free around your home, it’s perfect for picking up those little crumbs and dog hairs that you can never seem to reach with a handheld hoover pipe.

There are a variety of Roomba models available to purchase from their website, all clocking in at different price levels.

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