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A beginner’s guide to Google Play Store


It might sometimes seem like Apple is completely dominating the market when it comes to apps and the like, but if you’ve got an Android device, the Google Play Store is there to make sure you never have to miss out on a trend.

With a never-ending collection of apps, books, videos and music available to download, you’ll never have to worry about not having a quick and easy way to kill some time on your device ever again.


Accessing the Play Store

To access the Play Store, you must have a Google account. Google accounts are free to create and can be used to access a variety of other Google services, such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive.

Once you’ve set up an account and signed in, you’re free to start downloading as many apps as your device can handle. All apps submitted to the Google App store by official developers are scanned for malware and viruses and manually screened and approved before they’re available to download, so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about accidentally downloading something dodgy.


Managing your payment options

For content that comes with a price tag, the Play Store supports a variety of payment options, ranging from credit and debit cards to gift cards. It’s quick and easy to change the way you automatically pay for apps, all you need to do is amend your payment options in your account settings.

If you’re wary about the security of your phone and would prefer a safer way to submit your purchases, using gift cards might be the better option for you, as they hold no personal information that can be stolen. Google Play Store gift cards can be purchased online or at a wide selection of stores and supermarkets, coming loaded with the amount that you require. Once you’ve got your gift card, simply select the Redeem option from your menu and enter the code issued on your card. They also make great presents for birthdays and special occasions.


Downloading apps

Downloading from the Play Store is easy once you get started. If you’re looking for something specific, all you need to do is type it into the search bar on the homepage, and then it can be yours with a quick press of the download button.

If the app is free, it’ll start to download instantly; if there’s a cost, you’ll be given the option of how you want to pay for it (unless you already have an automatic payment set up).

If you haven’t got a specific app in mind but you want to browse a certain category, there are several for you to choose from on the homepage, ranging from dating apps and business tools, to educational games to keep the little ones occupied on long drives.


Keeping your apps up to date

It’s possible to set your apps to automatically update when needed, but if you prefer to do it manually, it’s best to keep on top of it.

To update your apps, simply open My Apps and Games in the menu. Any that need updating will appear at the top of your list. You can then either update them one by one or press the Update All button to get it over and done with, ensuring that all of your apps are running smoothly.

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