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The best home drones and how to use them


Christmas is fast approaching! If you’re in the process of putting together your list for Santa, a home drone makes a great present that can be used by the whole family.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ones on the market to help you make an informed decision on which option to go for.


Parrot Mambo Quadcopter Mini Drone

Kicking off our list is the Parrot Mambo, a robust and easy to fly mini drone. Currently considered one of the most stable mini drones on the market due to its autopilot mode, it’s super simple to control.

You can direct it to interact with your friends and even take pictures from the air thanks to its integrated vertical camera. All photos taken by the Parrot Mambo will be automatically saved to your phone, leaving you with fun souvenirs to share with your friends and family.

The Parrot Mambo is currently on offer at £59.99 with free shipping to the UK.



The Wizard X220 Freestyle FPV quadcopter is an excellent all-round drone, which is fitted with high-quality equipment to give you an amazing flight experience.

Installation of the battery is a breeze, making getting started with your drone super quick and easy. The USB port built into it is positioned in an easy to reach spot on the side of the quad, allowing you to simply plug and unplug your drone from your computer when you need to transfer the content.

It’s currently out of stock but when it’s available again you can purchase the Wizard X220 for £153.94.


Hubsan FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter

This palm-sized mini quad features a built-in video camera that feeds directly to the transmitters in its LCD screen. You can even record to an SD card and view the footage on the transmitter screen, making it a very fun and flexible home drone.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight thanks to its ultra-stable 6-axis flight control system, this is a great starter drone to take on trips and record some unforgettable memories.

Purchase the Hubsan FPV on Amazon for only £59.99.

DJI Spark

The most expensive option on this list, the DJI Spark is a smart drone that offers a variety of intelligent flight modes for intuitive operation. You can even control the drone with simple hand motions, meaning you don’t always have to use your smartphone or the remote control – amazing!

The stunning camera on the DJI Spark allows you to get creative with photo modes such as panorama and shallow focus. Due to the sleek design of the drone, the Spark is able to soar effortlessly through the air with minimal wind resistance. There’s even a function that means if the battery gets too low or your connection is lost, the Spark will safely fly back to the preset home point, so you don’t have to worry about crashing or losing it.

You can purchase the DJI Spark in a range of different colours, currently available from Currys for £449.

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