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Understanding your bill

Written by KCOM Business on 20/06/2023. Posted in Billing.

Our aim is to make your bills as simple as possible by only including information that's necessary. We’ve put together the following guide, to highlight some of the key information and what it means.


The bills we send you contain some important information. Here we'll break down what information your bill contains and what it means.

Front Page

The front page of our bill contains some key points, these are highlighted in orange boxes for you.

This can vary from business to business, so elements like extras, calls and discounts may differ dependant on your individual bill. Please note, not all businesses will see Rentals, Extras, Calls and Discounts.

Please see below for the breakdown of your bill.

Your Services & Total amount due:

  1. Your Voice Services gives you an overview of the services you are being billed for, such as your rental and call charges.  If you have any discounts applied to your services, this will also be displayed within this field. Call bolt-ons, routers, IPs, or one-off payments for example, this will be shown within the Extras row. Your Voice Services can also be displayed as Your Bundle Services, this gives you an overview of the combined services contained in your bundle, for example Lightstream and Voice services.
  2. This section shows you the Invoice Date, i.e. the date the invoice has been produced.
  3. This section shows the amount that is due, In the example shown, it is stated when approximately your payment will be collected by direct debit. If you're not a direct debit customer, it will inform you when your payment is due to reach us. If you've recently joined KCOM or have changed your package, this period may cover more than one month, resulting in the Total Amount Due being higher than you regular payment. Please see our guide on ‘My first bill is higher than I expected’ here.

Page 2

Page 2 of your bill contains lots of useful information on ways to pay your bill on the left-hand side. The right-hand side details how you can contact us if you need any help with your bill. If you need more information, or haven’t got a bill to hand, please see your guide on ‘How can I pay my bill’ here.

Page 3 onwards

Page 3 and onwards of your bill breaks down your voice services, internet services, bundle services, extras and calls in more detail, showing the lines and addresses that have accrued charges, as well as the lines that have call charges. Calls charges are always added, but when there is an active call bolt-on, these charges will be credited on your bill, as in the example below:

We hope this article has helped you to understand your bill. If you still have questions, please call us on 0800 9155 777, option 5.

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