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We do all sorts of good stuff for you. Not just unflappable broadband, but things that are good for your neighbourhood too.


  • Fast-forward

    Get the ultimate full fibre broadband experience and enjoy some of the fastest speeds in the UK, right to your door. It’s time to speed things up so that you can enjoy all the things you love online.

  • Future-first

    The future of broadband is full fibre. Every product and service we offer has been built today with tomorrow in mind. Our technology partners share our passion for delivering customer-responsive, future proof solutions that will stand the test of time. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • Fibre-forever

    With us, you receive your own, exclusive fibre connection, which means you’ll get the speeds you pay for (because you’ll never have to share your connection with your neighbours). Not only that, everyone in your home can be online, on multiple devices, all at the same time – even at peak-time.

  • We ARE your community

    We’ve invested £100 million into our region’s towns and villages to create the infrastructure needed to pave the way for stronger, better, faster online connectivity. Full fibre broadband should be available for everyone; we deserve it.

  • We’re a heartbeat away

    Our people are (literally) right beside you. Our customer service teams and engineers are locally based, so when you need a fast response or home visit, we’ll always be close enough to support you. We may even be your friends or neighbours!

  • We're on your team

    We’re a Yorkshire-rooted company with over 100 years’ experience under our belt. We’re proud of our heritage but most importantly, we know that our people here at KCOM have shaped our success. With accolades such these are testament to the hard work of our people.

    There's full fibre broadband, then there's everything else.

    KCOM Lightstream: fibre all the way to the home (full fibre)

    GIF illustrating KCOM full fibre/fibre to the home technology and speed

    Full fibre offers average download speeds of 30, 100, 300, 500 and 900Mbps depending on package selected

    Other providers: fibre only to the cabinet (FTTC)

    GIF illustrating fibre to the cabinet technology and speed

    FTTC network offers average download speeds of 46.8Mbps

    Other providers: copper all the way to the home (ADSL)

    GIF illustrating ADSL/copper to the home technology and speed

    ADSL network offers average download speeds of 10.3Mbps

    • Network average speeds

      The network average speed is the download speed (throughput) that 50% of our residential customers can expect to get during "peak time" (8pm-10pm). This is the overall network average and not what you should expect to see at your address. The speed is derived from Ofcom's UK broadband performance report (Nov 2020) and data from speed tests using test lines that monitor our network performance. These speed tests are carried out using an independent internet measurement standard that assesses the performance of our actual broadband packages, which is undertaken by Samknows. Click here for more information about our speeds.

    What our customers say

    • Shout out to the engineer who came to my house today to sort the WiFi out! Absolutely brilliant and great customer service, which is rare these days!

      Vicky of Hull
    • I have to say a massive thank you to @KCOMhome today for a fast and effective service sorting my Lightstream at home today! Service with a smile, a new router and so helpful. I'm up and running faster than ever!

      Jan Hornby of Hedon

      Helping you decide

      • Broadband buying guide

        There's lots to consider when it comes to broadband, from speeds to data to the different types of broadband technology. We've put together a guide which will help you decide the best broadband bundle for your circumstances.

        Broadband buying guide
      • Choosing what you really need

        Not sure which package is best for you? We've created a smart search tool that takes under five minutes to complete and will help you decide on the broadband bundle best for your circumstances.

        Try our smart search tool
      • See how speeds affect waiting time

        Use our tool to test how our different broadband packages change the time it takes download 4k movies, large gaming updates and webpages.

        Broadband speed calculator

        Award-winning home broadband

        • The ISPAs
        • Connected Britain
        • INCA Award
        • European Broadband Award

        We are exceptionally proud to have won European Broadband Awards - Quality and Affordability of Services award, ISPA’s Best Consumer Service Provider and INCA’s Best Urban Impact award.

        Better sourced locally

        It’s believing Lightstream full fibre broadband isn’t just a big city thing...
        Register your interest today and help bring ultrafast broadband to your local area.

        Bring full fibre to your community