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KCOM's Power in action

Watch our brand new epic TV AD and experience KCOM's Superior Broadband.

KCOM Exclusive Benefits

Here are just a few of the KCOM-exclusive benefits you enjoy with our full fibre’s uniquely powerful performance.

Woman Streaming

KCOM Power Streaming

Say goodbye to slow loading times and hello to seamless streaming without any buffering*. At KCOM we store content for streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime in local caches, meaning you can stream the latest shows without any frustrating pauses or interruptions.

With KCOM Power Streaming, data for the popular streaming services is held in local caches in East Yorkshire, exclusively for KCOM customers. Compared to the rest of the UK, the data has a much shorter distance to travel to your home, getting there faster.

Also, with our exclusive caches, you’re not competing with the rest of the nation’s traffic, so our network is never congested. Ultimately, you get faster downloads and a smoother viewing experience.

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KCOM Power Shield

When you’re on the KCOM network, you receive cyber protection as standard with your broadband package.

KCOM Power Shield provides network level protection for all our customers, protecting them from the effects of commonplace malicious denial of service (DDOS) attacks***.

Girl playing games

KCOM Power Gaming

Whether it's the latest software update or a hefty game download, our local caching also improves your gaming experience by accelerating the download process, allowing you to get your gaming content first and fast.

With KCOM, gamers experience lag free gaming, due to our super-fast full fibre network**.

Our network has more than double the required bandwidth available for the number of customers on it. It means the KCOM network is never congested, so you experience less lag while gaming.

Powerful broadband performance you can't get anywhere else

When you are with KCOM you get full fibre broadband with added advantages.

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More exclusive power benefits include:

KCOM Power Landline

KCOM's broadband customers get a free KCOM Power Landline included as standard. The free landline is on our future-proofed full fibre landline network, so you get improved call quality and a more reliable connection.

KCOM’s dedicated full fibre voice network is a completely separate to the full fibre broadband network, meaning there is no effect on the quality of KCOM’s broadband

KCOM Power Resilience

Our robust full fibre network’s infrastructure (the thing that delivers your broadband connection) is designed to create an uninterrupted service for our customers.

Built with double the capacity to give multi-layered resiliency, our full fibre network’s designed to protect your connection against every eventuality, ensuring you’re always online.

*Setup of equipment at home may affect performance.
**Geographical restrictions apply
*** Network level DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks

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