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When you are with us the power is all yours!. We provide you full fibre broadband with added benefits.

  • KCOM Power Streaming

    Say goodbye to slow loading times and hello to seamless streaming without any buffering. Our cutomers enjoy faster downloads and a smoother viewing experience.

  • KCOM Power Gaming

    No more long wait times during game updates, with KCOM gamers experience less lag while gaming and an accelerated download process.

  • KCOM Power Shield

    Our customers enjoy network level protection with KCOM Power Shield. They are protected from the effects of malicious denial of service (DDOS) atacks.

    There's full fibre broadband, then there's everything else.

    We've built our network to be 100% fibre, so that you get the fastest and most reliable broadband connection possible. Unlike with copper cables, it doesn't matter how far you live from the cabinet - you'll still get a premium broadband experience.

    KCOM Lightstream: fibre all the way to the home (full fibre)

    Illustration of KCOM Full Fibre connection, starting from the business, connecting to the cabinet, and finally to the home. This setup enables customers to experience full fibre. KCOM Full Fibre offers average download speeds of 30, 100, 300, 500, and 900Mbps, depending on the selected package.

    Full fibre offers average download speeds of 30, 100, 300, 500 and 900Mbps depending on package selected

    Other providers: fibre only to the cabinet (FTTC)

    Illustration of different providers' connection methods. Other providers use FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet), and then connect to your premises via copper. FTTC network offers average download speeds of 46.8Mbps.

    FTTC network offers average download speeds of 46.8Mbps

    Other providers: copper all the way to the home (ADSL)

    Illustration of different providers' connection methods. Other providers use ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) to connect to your premises solely via copper. ADSL network offers average download speeds of 10.3Mbps.
    ADSL network offers average download speeds of 10.3Mbps

    • Network average speeds

      Network average speeds: The network average speed is the download speed (throughput) that 50% of our residential customers can expect to get during "peak time" (8pm-10pm). This is the overall network average and not what you should expect to see at your address. The speed is derived from Ofcom's UK broadband performance report (Nov 2020) and data from speed tests using test lines that monitor our network performance. These speed tests are carried out using an independent internet measurement standard that assesses the performance of our actual broadband packages, which is undertaken by Samknows. Click here for more information about our speeds.

    Want to know what our speeds mean to you in real terms?

    Try our speed calculator

    KCOM in the Community

    • Keeping our neighbourhood booming

      Here at KCOM, we’re all about keeping our local neighbourhoods thriving. By giving local businesses all the good stuff to help boost jobs, infrastructure and services for everyone from your patch.

    • Pitching in to help our community out

      We love building community spirit, it's what drives us to offer the best service to our customers. By funding community groups where you live we hope to make a real difference to people just like you!

    • Boosting the next generations future

      By offering career advice to the kids of our community we make sure that they get their heads into the game early to give them the best chances of success as they grow up. From kid coders, to sporting stars, we’re here to back future generations.

    • Helping everybody broadband like never before

      Nobody gets left behind on our watch. That's why we’ve been running digital inclusion classes, IT sessions and even offering flexi packages to make sure that everyone is able to unlock the internet whatever their circumstances.

    • Bringing our area full fibre first and fast

      KCOM brings your favourite shows, games and tunes first and fast. We store a whole host of streaming services such as Disney + and Amazon Prime on our server, stored locally just for East Yorkshire.

      What customers yielding their power say

      Award-winning home broadband

      • The ISPAs
      • Connected Britain
      • INCA Award
      • European Broadband Award

      We've also got a few awards under our belt. Among others, we're proud to have won the European Broadband Awards - Quality and Affordability of Services award and ISPA’s Best Consumer Service Provider.

      Helping you decide

      • Broadband buying guide

        There's lots to consider when it comes to broadband, from speeds to data to the different types of broadband technology. We've put together a guide which will help you decide the best broadband bundle for your circumstances.

        Broadband buying guide

      • Smart Search

        Not sure which package to choose? We've created a tool that takes under five minutes to complete and will help you decide on the best broadband package for you.

        Try our smart search tool

      • Availability

        Did you know that we're constantly expanding our full fibre network? Use our interactive map to see if you can get connected today. We might not be in your area yet, but we could be coming there soon.

        Check availability

      • Switching to us

        From start to finish, we make switching easy. View our step-by-step process, and set a contract end reminder if you're not ready to switch to us just yet.

        View switching process

      • Broadband packages

        Check out our range of full fibre broadband packages, see what offers you can get, and place your order online or over the phone today.

        View packages

        Want to see us in your community?

        It’s believing Lightstream full fibre broadband isn’t just a big city thing...

        We're expanding our full fibre network beyond Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. If you want to see more good stuff in your local area, from ultrafast broadband to exciting community initiatives, register your interest now.

        Bring full fibre to your community