In the Enterprise market our propositions are focused on Contact Centre as a Service and cloud infrastructure and applications, where we have the combination of technology expertise and partnerships to take advantage of these fast-growing sectors.

In the National Network Services market we are focused on using our experience in the provision of connectivity solutions to deliver Managed Wide Area Networks and call management solutions that help organisations to manage their customer contact experience.

In Hull and East Yorkshire we are maximising the value of our investment in full fibre connectivity across our network by increasing take-up of our ultrafast broadband services and offering additional services that allow us to make returns on our investment.

Working with KCOM means you can benefit from:

The expertise and experience of our people

Much of the value we deliver to customers is through the expertise and experience of our people. Our success relies on our ability to attract people with the right skills and behaviours and to motivate, develop, support, recognise and reward them appropriately.

We review our people strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure it is appropriate to support our business strategy in each of our key markets.

Strategy - Our people
Strategy - IT systems

Our systems and processes

Our organisation and the customer experience we provide is underpinned by robust systems and processes.

We are investing further in simplifying and upgrading our IT systems to improve our ability to understand, manage and interpret our data and to support our customer experience.

Our technology platforms and assets

Our technology platforms and assets are the foundations on which our customer propositions are built.

We are investing in consolidating and transforming them to deliver new services and reduce operating costs and complexity.

Our technology platforms and assets

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Leadership and governance

Our Board and leadership team has the experience to provide industry-leading business insight.


We started life as the telephone department within the Hull Municipal Corporation and since 1904we’ve evolved and transformed into the business we are today.

Customer case studies

We’re privileged to work with some of the UK’s biggest names in retail, financial services, insurance, transportation and the public sector.


We work closely with carefully selected partners and use our skills and experience to design, create and support solutions based on their market leading technologies.