A conversation with singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman


Tonight, Beth Nielsen Chapman, award-winning singer-songwriter, brings her extensive back catalogue of songs and stories to East Riding Theatre.

We caught up with the Nashville artist whilst she was rehearsing to find out more about her set at the local venue.

“I’m bringing a real melting pot of songs to Beverley,” chuckles Beth. “I’m releasing a new record in January 2018, so there’s some material from that. Plus, old favourites and hits too.”

Beth is a twice Grammy-nominated artist, writing hits for a vast array of well-known singers, including Elton John, Neil Diamond and Bonnie Raitt. She is also the wordsmith behind popular movie soundtracks for Message in a Bottle, The Prince of Egypt and Where the Heart is.

One of her best known tracks is This Kiss, which is sung by country songstress Faith Hill.

As well as her own records, such as the astounding Salt and Water, Beth will also be playing some of the famous tunes that she has penned.

“I’ve always performed these songs in my own show. They’re hits and people love them,” she tells us. “The happy ones offset the tearjerkers too.”

The artist released Uncovered in 2014, for which she recorded herself playing a batch of songs originally written for other musicians.

“I am an artist and a songwriter. People often ask which I prefer and I say both. I can’t really separate the two,” she explains. “Throughout the set, I talk about some of the stories behind the songs.”

Beth will also be performing some of the songs from her most recent project LIV ON. The brainchild of Olivia Newton-John, Amy Sky and herself, the album is dedicated to those who are experiencing grief and loss. It was originally inspired by their battles with breast cancer.

“I was originally supposed to be playing with my good friend Olivia at the Cambridge Folk Festival, but, unfortunately, she received the news that her cancer has returned,” Beth says, regretfully.

“She’s currently in treatment and doing really well. Olivia was such a good friend to me when I was going through it in 2000.”

Beth’s also really excited to explore a new part of the UK: “I’m so happy that I am coming to Beverley. I’ve not been here before as I usually play the larger cities. But I love coming to smaller, less heard of places. It will be lovely.”

Those who haven’t seen Beth in action should expect a roller coaster of emotions and uplifting music.

“It’s gonna be great fun. I intertwine a lot of stories about my life,” she tells us, “If I’ve done my job right, there’ll be a few tears and a lot of laughter.”

Tickets for Beth Nielsen Chapman are £27.50 for adults.

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