Watch what happens when someone takes a Tesla ride into the future


Hull is being given a direct line to the future during October as it hosts an innovative new art project.

When phone boxes across Hull rang in unison on Sunday, 1 October, it announced the arrival of 2097: We Made Ourselves Over, an interactive show enabling people to talk to mysterious figures from the future.

A lucky few who answered the call were offered a ride in a futuristic Tesla electric car, where they were met by a time traveller from the year 2097.

One lucky person who managed to hitch a ride to the future was Hull shop worker Grace Gillat, who was filmed taking a ride around Hull in one of the Teslas.

As part of the project five sci-fi films exploring what sort of world we may find in 2097 are being screened at locations across Hull during October, and more people are being offered the chance to be whisked away in a Tesla.

There is also an app to download where you can interact with Hessa, one of the future rulers of the city - or alternatively call 01482 502097 to get involved in the project.

We Made Ourselves Over has been created by renowned artist group Blast Theory in partnership with KCOM.

To find out locations of the screenings click here or more details.

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