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Amaya lights up Young Writers Competition with dazzling words


KCOM’s Young Writers Competition has conclusively captured the imaginations of Hull’s budding authors.

Now in its second week, the competition has welcomed more than a hundred entries from youngsters wanting to continue the story of Tom and his magical cream phone box.

In the first week he was transported to a strange world where he met Buck, a cowboy who rode a “coal black” stallion. But now the storytelling baton has been taken up by 10-year-old Amaya Newman, a pupil at Cavendish Primary School, east Hull, who penned a second intriguing instalment for our adventure.

For being our second week’s winner Amaya received a Kindle Fire HD, complete with a £10 Amazon book voucher.

Amaya, who wants to be a poet or a maths teacher when she grows up, said: “It was my mum who told me about the story to begin with and I wasn’t sure at first because I thought I might get something wrong or it wouldn’t be good enough – especially when I read the previous chapter and it was really good.

“I never expected to win but I’m really glad it did. I got my idea for my chapter because it had already said there was bright lights in the phone box, so maybe I thought it could be something that could transport Tom and Buck to lots of different places.

“Now I’d like to know where they go next.”

If you haven’t already flexed your creative muscles to enter our competition now is an excellent time to start. With the Big Malarkey children’s literary festival just around the corner as part of the UK City of Culture 2017 celebrations it seems everyone’s catching the reading and writing bug.

It is open to youngsters across Hull and East Yorkshire under the age of 14 and there are still five more chapters to reach the end of the tale, which means there are five more Kindle Fire HDs up for grabs.

Visit www.kcomhome.com/storyteller to find out more about the competition, how to enter and what’s already been written.


And here’s Amaya’s new chapter to add to our story The Magic Phone Box:

Buck gently unlocked the phone box. “Hop on”, Buck smiled, signalling Tom to mount his horse. Half an hour later, Tom and Buck arrived at an old, time-worn building. “Where are we?” Tom questioned Buck curiously.

“Home”, Buck whispered woefully. “I know, it looks nothing like you expected, but trust me, you are going to see better in the future”.

“What?” Tom asked, thinking he was dreaming.

“Look, just hold my hand, everything’s fine”, Buck replied sternly. As Tom took Buck’s hand, a million thoughts raced through his head. A bright, flashing light filled the atmosphere, and they were gone.”

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