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Ben brings The Magic Phone Box to a roaring finale


A nine-year-old from Thorngumbald is the last winner of KCOM’s Young Story Writers Competition.

Ben Ellington-Runkee, a pupil at Thorngumbald Primary School, is the seventh youngster to be picked to have his chapter featured in KCOM’s The Magic Phone Box story.

The tall tale, which tells the story of our hero Tom and his adventures with Buck the Cowboy fighting against grisly dragons in a magic kingdom, is set to be turned into a book and animation which will debut at this year’s Freedom Festival.

Ben, who plays for Kingston Hull FC football club when he’s not writing, said he had enjoyed taking part.

He said: “I decided to enter the competition because I like to use my imagination and I like to write.

“I don’t know what I want to be when I leave school. I haven’t decided yet. But my favourite subjects are literacy and arithmetic. And I like playing with Lego.”

For being the seventh and final winner Ben receives a Kindle Fire HD and an Amazon book token.

The competition was launched in June and has received hundreds of entries from children across Hull and East Yorkshire - all eager to show off their story writing skills.

You can read all our seven winners’ stories and here them reading their chapters at www.kcomhome.com/storyteller

The story will now be finished with a final chapter by Hull author and artist Calvin Innes, who set the ball rolling with the first instalment eight weeks ago.

He said: “I can’t wait to see where Ben’s chapter takes us this week and bring the whole story to a climax. There has been some brilliant writing during the competition, now let’s see where it all ends.”

Freedom Festival goers will be able to see The Magic Phone Box animation, and get a free copy of the book, at KCOM’s stand at the three day event, which runs from 1 to 3 September.

Tom’s chapter

Tom suddenly stepped on a branch which snapped and made a loud cracking noise!

The dragon leaders eyes opened slightly, Tom hid behind a huge stone.

Tom had an idea, if he could creep up to the dragon leader and slay it then the dragons would be under his command. Tom managed to get close enough to stick the sword in the dragon’s tail, there was an almighty yelp and then gold stardust flew in to the air.

All the dragons disappeared, Tom went outside and everything was back to normal with people celebrating under the stardust in Hull City of Culture.

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