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Data usage limits return as coronavirus lockdown eases


KCOM temporarily removed data limits on all capped broadband packages earlier this year

After a summer of unlimited internet access, KCOM has announced it is to restore broadband data caps on packages with fixed data allowances.

The broadband provider temporarily removed data limits on all capped broadband packages earlier this year, helping thousands of customers across the region forced to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, as the country emerges from lockdown and life slowly returns to normal, KCOM has announced it will reintroduce data limits on capped broadband package from Thursday, 1 October.

This means customers not on unlimited packages will be charged for going over their monthly data limits.

Sean Royce, managing director KCOM Retail, said: “It’s fair to say it’s been a challenging time for everybody as we deal with the threat of coronavirus.

“For many, this meant finding new ways of working and schooling from home while also staying connected to friends and family online and keeping up-to-date with the latest Government advice and information.

“In March, to help the people of Hull and East Yorkshire overcome this challenge - and to get on with their daily lives as normally as possible - we removed all the data caps on our broadband packages.

“This meant that no-one had to worry about going over their data limits or unexpected charges as they continued to work at home during lockdown.

“We also extended the availability of unlimited data during the school summer holidays as youngsters went from doing their class work at home to enjoying time off, streaming their favourite TV shows and playing their games consoles online.”

Temporary removal of data caps was just one of the initiatives KCOM launched to help the region through the coronavirus pandemic. The company also announced it wouldn’t disconnect anyone for non-payment of bills or charge any late payment fees.

At the same time KCOM prioritised NHS workers and vulnerable customers by setting up a dedicated contact number for them to call to receive immediate support. 

Mr Royce said: “As a local company that’s been at the heart of East Yorkshire for more than a century we wanted to play our part in helping our customers through these difficult and unprecedented times. We’re very grateful for the great response we’ve had from customers for the initiatives we’ve taken during lockdown. It’s fantastic to know we’ve helped so many people to keep connected and working, help their children carry on learning and even celebrate birthdays and special events online.

“Now, as the nation is cautiously coming out of lockdown, more people are returning to their workplaces and schools are reopening, we believe now is the right time to bring the availability of unlimited data on all packages to an end.”

If you have any questions about your broadband usage please contact our customer service team on 01482 602555.

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