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Elderly influencers proving the internet is for everyone


Less than 56% of people over 65 use the internet

While many people rely on their internet for everyday life, whether at work or at home, internet usage in those over 65 is less than 56%.

Young people have grown up with the internet, which is why they feel much more comfortable and confident using it, but that doesn’t mean those over a certain age shouldn’t give it a try.

Here are four inspiring people over 60 confidently using the internet to enhance their lives and get their voices heard.


David Cyril

86-year-old David has recently found online fame while documenting his Slimming World journey on Instagram

With over 108,000 Instagram users following his journey, Lancashire-based David has lost over 1 stone so far.

He keeps his followers updated with his daily meals, inspiring other Slimming World members to stay on their journey, and brightening up a few Instagram feeds on the way. He’s even been approached for a few brand partnerships.

Find David on Instagram by searching @davidcyril_sw


Iris Apfel

American businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon Iris is 97 years old. She’s based in New York, and she has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Her eccentric style and eye for fashion means she has caught the attention of people all over the world, and in 2015, there was a documentary made all about her interesting life.

Her Instagram handle is @iris.apfel


Josephine Lalwan

Josephine Lalwan is the author of Chicatanyage, a fashion resource for women over 50 who want to learn more about style, fashion and what will suit them as mature women.

She’s worked in fashion her entire life, and since leaving her career, has used the internet to share fashion advice with women all over the world.

Josephine believes that as we age, we can all continue to have fun with fashion.

Find inspiration on her blog, www.chicatanyage.com


David Evans of greyfoxblog

63-year-old blogger and writer, David, creates content on menswear, travel, cars and general lifestyle. His writing is aimed at men aged 40 and over, an ‘often-forgotten but large and affluent demographic’.

His readership totals around 40,000 page views per month, and he’s worked with plenty of famous brands, including Aston Martin, Marks & Spencer, The Guardian and House of Fraser.

His Instagram following totals an impressive 26.4k. Find him at www.greyfoxblog.com.


If someone you know would like to build their confidence in using the internet, we are hosting drop-in sessions at local libraries and our Carr Lane Learning Zone.

Find details of our helpful drop-in sessions by calling 01482 484101.

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