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Everyone’s online at Lynda’s with Lightstream


When your family needs Netflix, the PS4, FaceTime, YouTube and a laptop all online at the same time - it takes a powerful broadband service to keep everyone happy.

Luckily for Lynda Barratt’s family it has KCOM’s Lightstream broadband, which uses full fibre technology to deliver ultrafast speeds. It means a reliable, ultrafast service across multiple devices with no slowing down.

“We had Lightstream put in about two years ago and we can’t fault it,” says legal cashier Lynda, who lives in west Hull with her husband and 16-year-old son Joe.

“We had broadband before but it couldn’t really cope. Lightstream has been so much better and it works all over the house – even in the loft conversion.”

While Lynda watches box sets on Netflix and Amazon, Joe is busy upstairs playing Fortnite and Fifa while FaceTiming friends and her husband is checking Facebook or catching up with work online.

With a package that delivers speeds of 250Mbps and a 750GB data limit per month, Lynda has award-winning broadband that can cope whatever demands modern life can throw at it.

“We have a lot of devices all being used at the same time and they all work really well,” she says.

“I know the PlayStation Wi-Fi is working because I don’t have any teenage complaints coming down the stairs – and I’m sure I’d hear about it pretty quickly if it wasn’t!

“As a family, we’ve got quite a lot going on at the same time – and the broadband copes with it no problems. I’d definitely recommend it.”

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