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Everyone's online at Alison's house


400Mbps with unlimited data proves to be the perfect package

There’s no hassle now everyone can get online at the same time at Alison’s house.

Since she’s upgraded to ultrafast Lightstream she can watch Netflix uninterrupted while her husband Googles new cars and her son is gaming online with his friends upstairs.

Alison, a childminder, lives in east Hull and now enjoys speeds of 400Mbps on her unlimited data Lightstream package, meaning it’s goodbye to buffering and so-long to slow speeds. “It’s a lot quicker than what we had before,” says Alison who streams box sets on Netflix and Amazon Prime and also shops online. "There’s no buffering and we can all just get on with what we’re doing with no problem. There are four adults in the house all doing our own thing online and the internet doesn’t slow down any more.”

“Before my son would complain that his PS4 was slow and lagging and games would take ages to download – but now he’s happy. There’s no more shouting down the stairs saying it isn’t working.

“The process of getting it installed was really simple. The engineer was really helpful and tested everything before he left and the whole thing was pretty painless. It’s perfect, I wish we’d got it before, he also fitted a booster so we can get Wi-Fi even in the parts of the house where we couldn’t get it before.”

Alison, East Hull

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