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Full fibre Lightstream broadband gives Nafferton man peace of mind


"Before we had fibre to the cabinet with another supplier and it just wasn’t reliable"

It’s the peace of mind of having reliable broadband that matters most to Alan Edwards.

With Nest cameras installed at his home to help him check on an elderly relative – even when he was out – it was essential that his broadband could cope and wouldn’t ‘drop out’.

Alan, a retired food inspector, of Nafferton, was recently connected to KCOM’s full fibre Lightstream broadband and he says the improvement was instant.

“Before we had fibre to the cabinet with another supplier and it just wasn’t reliable. The cameras were always dropping out and could be out for more than an hour - which isn’t ideal when you need them to be working.

“When KCOM came along I read up about what they were offering and thought ‘this is my chance’ to get full fibre broadband.

“The difference has been incredible – it’s just so fast compared to what I had before. I now know the cameras won’t drop out, which gives me peace of mind, and I can rely on them to stay connected.”

Alan’s 75Mbps package also means watching a film on Netflix or indulging in his passion of watching football online is problem-free.

“Everything just works smoothly now. Watching a film is pretty much instant on Netflix and you just know it’s going to work.”

Alan has also been impressed by the service KCOM has provided from his initial enquiry to his Lightstream connection.

“It’s been seamless,” he says. “Whereas before I felt like I was being passed from one department to the next, with KCOM the service I’ve received has been great. I really like the idea that they’re local, they know the area and are just down the road. They’ve got that connection to the area and you can talk to them, it’s not some faceless organisation.

“The lads who came around to do the installation were all very helpful and knowledgeable and it wasn’t any bother from start to finish. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s made a massive difference to us.”

For more information about how full fibre Lightstream can transform your online world click here.

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