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High tech students enjoying benefits of Lightstream


Student digs have come a long way in the past few decades. Long gone are the days when The Young Ones lived together in chaos with Madness playing live in the living room.

Just because they’ve left home, the students of today don’t want to go without their home comforts – and the 21st Century student landlord needs to provide safe, secure and comfortable homes with all the mod cons.

As one of Hull’s biggest student landlords Kexgill, which owns 300 properties across the city, knows just how important a good broadband connection is for its tenants.

That’s why long-established firm Kexgill, which has nine branches across the country and a presence in Germany, has partnered with KCOM since 2009 to give students the best possible online experience.

Dannielle Read, of Kexgill, says tenants’ expectations are now higher than ever when it comes to staying connected.

She said: “We have a lot of computer science students and they need a fast internet connection that’s able to cope with the demands of their studies.

“A fast internet connection is no longer a nice optional extra, it’s an essential part of what we offer to our students. It’s gone from being an added bonus to something they can’t live without. They expect a fast internet connection, so they can do their work, go online gaming, stream TV and do all the things students like to do.

“Working with KCOM enables us to provide our customers with that. We now have Lightstream broadband that can provide 250 Mbps connected to 200 of our properties and it’s proved really popular.

“It’s been a really good experience for us. KCOM’s worked with us from the beginning to provide the solution that’s best for us and our customers. The service is really good. They go above and beyond what is required from setting the fibre install dates to the engineers who come along on the day – and the technical support is always there when you need it to be.

“It’s been a really beneficial partnership and it’s our customers, the students, who have benefitted from that.”

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