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How many Eiffel Towers would it take to equal the length of KCOM's fibre rollout?


Since KCOM started rolling out fibre cable in Hull and East Yorkshire five years ago it has passed some pretty impressive landmarks.

So far more than 45,000 people have signed up to KCOM’s ultrafast Lightstream broadband and by the end of 2017 more than 150,000 households across the region will be able to receive the service. That’s 75 per cent of KCOM’s network footprint.

Since 2012, we have deployed more than 6,576km of fibre. That’s a lot of cable – but can you visualise what that actually means?

Well, here are 11 comparable lengths to show you just how much fibre we’ve installed.

6,576km of fibre cable is:

* The equivalent of 4,086 miles

* Longer than the diameter of the planet Mercury and only 200km off equalling the diameter of Mars.

* Equal to the length of 730,666 double decker buses parked end-to-end.

* As long as 131,520 Olympic swimming pools.

* The same length as 62,628 KCOM Stadium football pitches

* Or as long as 21,920,000 standard school rulers

* As tall as 21,920 Eiffel Towers or 70,709 Statues of Liberty stood on top of each other.

* Or, to put it another way, 743 Mount Everests

It would also stretch all the way from Hull to:

* The borders of Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Brazil, Rwanda, Burundi, and Bhutan

* The towns of Brandon in Manitoba, Canada, Texarkana in Texas, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Hyderabad in India.

* The Cayman Islands

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