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How to keep your child safe online


Here are some tips to help keep your children safe while using the internet

The internet can be a brilliant place full of fun and opportunity – but it can also expose youngsters to online dangers.

KCOM’s a supporter of the UK’s leading online safety organisation Internet Matters, which provides parents with a range of information and resources to help them protect youngsters.

Here are some of their tips to help keep children safe while using the internet.

Limit your child's screen time

One of the biggest worries adults have about their children's use of online devices is the risk of overuse. Some fear that being constantly welded to their X-Box or tablet could lead to delays in speech development for very young children, sleep deprivation, inactivity and even depression.

There is an ongoing debate about whether using digital devices is as bad as some believe but having an honest discussion with your children about their screen time is essential.

Here are five helpful tips about how to discuss screen time with your children – and how to combat overuse.

Protect your child's online wellbeing

Three major issues that can affect a young users online wellbeing are sexting, cyberbullying and accessing inappropriate content.

For parents brought up before the word ‘selfie’ even existed it can be a minefield tackling the subject of sexting with a child – but it’s an important subject to raise.

Here are some words of advice from the NSPCC and other child psychology experts to help you approach the subject.

The arrival of the internet has unfortunately opened the door to cyberbullying, where youngsters can be targeted through social media even when in the safety of their own home.

Internet Matters has created a hub complete with lots of resources to help you identify if your child is suffering from cyberbullying – and how to tackle it if they are.

As children become more independent online, it’s possible they may come across things which are inappropriate for their age or stage of development.

Using filters to block explicit content and having frank conversations are just a few of the ways you can equip them with tools to deal with it. For more details on dealing with inappropriate content click here.

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