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Hull-based startup is making it Good2Learn


Good2Learn is an online learning platform that aims to boost children’s learning experience outside of the classroom.

A tech startup operating from Hull and based at the Centre for Digital Innovation in the Fruit Market, the final product is in its last stages of development and is soon to be tested by families across the UK.

The educational site is set to fully launch later this year, providing school-aged children with the chance to brush up on their English and maths skills through a series of specially-designed online lessons and interactive activities.

Each lesson has been crafted by local teachers and educationalists, who have written curriculum-based scripts for friendly and engaging presenters. The bite-sized video sessions include clear, attractive animations and visual aids to reinforce learning in the home.

With most children and parents accessing information and entertainment through their personal smart gadgets, the platform has been specifically developed to work across all devices, from laptops and desktop computers, to tablets and mobile phones.

Good2Learn strives to bridge the gap between the classroom and home, as Founder Paul Mandalia tells us:

“Sometimes, it’s very frustrating when trying to help your kids with their homework. A lot of the methods and requirements that children have to follow have changed since we were at school, which can mean that either we can’t help or we just confuse them.”

“At the moment, we’re working closely with schools and parents to produce a unique programme that truly benefits all involved. By uniting teachers, parents and children, we can enable the next generation to reach its full potential.”

On top of the video lessons, Good2Learn motivates children through awards and certificates for their efforts, provides interactive exercises and quizzes, tracks progress, and notifies parents when their child has logged on and completed tasks.

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers, head teachers, parents and the kids themselves,” adds Paul. “We invited St. George’s Primary School to visit our headquarters at C4DI. They loved the product and didn’t hold back when giving us feedback on things they’d like to see.”

For the time being, Good2Learn covers a diverse range of topics in both literacy and numeracy. However, there is a plan to expand across other subjects in the future.

Right now there is a special pre-launch discount that offers parents the chance to receive 50% off the usual price if they sign up for a monthly subscription. For just £9.99 a month instead of £19.99, a family with up to three children can access a vast array of explainer videos, online help and digital exercises when the product launches in spring.

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