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Hull Marathon runners up the pace for ultrafast 100m


As if running 26 miles wasn’t hard enough already - participants in this year’s Hull Marathon are to face an extra trial of athleticism.

Returning for the second time after a successful debut last year, the KCOM Ultrafast 100m will provide an extra challenge for Hull Marathon competitors when the race returns to the city on Sunday, September 23.

The Ultrafast 100m is a timed 100m sprint which will take place during the 24th mile of the marathon as it passes through Costello Athletics Stadium.

Race Director Lucas Meagor, said despite being an extra ‘hurdle’ to overcome the sprint may encourage runners on their way to the finish line.

He said: “Back for 2018, we're delighted to have KCOM supporting the Ultrafast 100m at Costello Stadium. As runners head round the athletics track they can see how fast they can go on the 100m back stretch during a part of the marathon usually associated with being one of the worst miles and it’ll take their mind off the marathon – if only briefly!

“Thanks to KCOM's support, we once again can offer what we believe is a unique and different feature for the Hull Marathon powered by EON Visual Media & Brainworks.”

Cash prizes will be awarded to the fastest man and woman and, to make it a fair challenge for all marathon runners, the winning times will be calculated as a ratio between their time for 100m and their marathon finishing time.

The KCOM Ultrafast 100 will be for marathon runners only but there is no obligation to sprint. Runners can continue at their chosen marathon pace if they wish and, whatever their pace, will be encouraged on their way by Race Angels from Fitmums and Friends.

Brendon Smurthwaite, KCOM’s community coordinator, said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the sprint section of The Hull Marathon for the second year running and wish the best of luck to all the hardy runners who will be taking part in this magnificent event.

“We especially applaud anyone who still has the grit and determination to sprint 100m after already running 23 miles and look forward to cheering them on as they strain every sinew to reach their personal bests.”

For more information about Hull Marathon and the KCOM Ultrafast 100m visit https://www.thehullmarathon.co.uk

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