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Iconic cream Hull phone box stars in fundraising calendar


Ringo – a K6 telephone box keyring – belongs to amateur photographer Judith Doran who has been inspired to start taking snaps by Hull’s year in the spotlight as the UK City of Culture.

Throughout 2017 bank worker Judith has been taking pictures of Hull’s most iconic landmarks with her keyring front - and centre of each shot.

“To be honest I never knew I was into art until this year,” says Judith, of west Hull.

“But seeing everything that’s happened in Hull this year inspired me. It started with the fireworks and the Made In Hull show at the start of the year and I thought ‘this is incredible – what else is there?’

“It was actually my friend Denise who suggested I took some photos with my keyring – he’s called Ringo because he’s a keyring and, well, a phone box rings. So it’s all her fault.

“I started taking pictures for my own enjoyment to begin with and I never thought it would end up with a calendar. It’s all a bit mad really.

“But when I put my pictures on Twitter and people started saying they liked them I thought ‘I could be on to something here’.”

With spectacular locations such as The Deep, the Humber Bridge and Hull’s Maritime Museum providing the backdrops for her pictures, Judith says creating her collection of phone box snaps has been a labour of love.

“It became a bit of a passion really,” she says. “I’m still a bit self-conscious about it though – especially when I’ve had to lay on the floor to get the right shot and people have been looking thinking ‘what on earth is she up to?’.

“Laying on the pebble beach taking a picture of the Humber Bridge was probably the most uncomfortable – but it’s also my favourite picture.

“It’s been fun though. It’s certainly got me out and about around Hull.”

After Seeing Judith’s pictures on Twitter, KCOM stepped in to ask if Judith fancied turning her colourful shots into a calendar – with the proceeds being donated to KCOM’s charity of the year the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The calendars can be bought in KCOM’s shop, on Carr Lane, for a suggested donation of £2.

And with 2017 coming to a close Judith says she hopes her calendar will provide a fitting reminder of what has been an amazing year for Hull.

“I think it’s a lovely idea that the money raised with go to the Teenage Cancer Trust,” she says “It’s nice to think my photos will be doing some good.

“This certainly isn’t the end of my photographic career though. I’m going to keep taking pictures, maybe try something new as well. I’m looking for a new project. There are still a few shots I want to get with my keyring though. That’s on my to-do list for 2018.”

  •  The KCOM 2018 keyring Calendar can be bought at Carr Lane shop for a suggested donation of £2.

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