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KCOM announces big price cuts for Lightstream broadband


New lower prices and unlimited packages

KCOM has announced it is lowering prices and introducing new unlimited packages for its Lightstream broadband.

The communications provider has revealed it is cutting the prices of its award-winning ultrafast fibre broadband by between 17 and 27 per cent, while many packages have been upgraded to provide unlimited data.

The announcements were made by KCOM managing director Sean Royce on Facebook.

Sean, who took the reins of KCOM’s Hull and East Yorkshire operations in April, said the changes were a result of listening to customers and responding by introducing services they want at more affordable prices.

He said: “Today we’re taking a major step towards giving our customers a truly world class full fibre broadband service at prices that offer better value for money than anywhere else in the UK.

“We’re reducing prices by almost a third in some cases and removing the data cap on many packages, giving customers unlimited data so they never again need to worry about going over their limit.

“This is undoubtedly good news for our customers and the region, which already has the fastest and most reliable broadband network that’s the envy of the rest of the country.”

The changes include:

  • A new entry level Lightstream package costing just £25
  • An unlimited data option with all Lightstream packages
  • 12-month contracts - shorter than other providers
  • A standard, single connection fee of £25
  • A new ‘Gigafast’ service offering download speeds of 900Mbps
  • Flexible ‘bolt-on’ local, national, international and mobile call packages that offer customers more value

Sean said the latest Facebook broadcast was part of an ongoing process of listening to customers.

He said: “When we held our first Facebook Live event in October it was obvious people are passionate about KCOM and the role it plays here in Hull and East Yorkshire.

“But it was also clear our customers wanted us to change aspects of what we do. The changes we’ve made to our services are part of that listening process and will hopefully make our customers proud of the broadband service this region enjoys. Full fibre Lightstream is already the Ferrari of the broadband world – now we’re putting that Ferrari within everyone’s reach.”

An example of the price reductions now available is the 30Mbps unlimited Lightstream package that has seen a price cut from £55 to £40 per month – a decrease of 27 per cent.

The price of KCOM’s 200Mbps unlimited data package has been cut by 21 per cent from £58 to £46 a month – the same price as BT’s unlimited ‘fibre’ service but three times as fast with only a 12-month contract, compared to BT’s 18-month contract.

The price of the 400Mbps unlimited data package has been reduced from £60 per month to £50 per month.

The new packages mean Lightstream customers will be able to download, stream and game online on a service that is years ahead of broadband elsewhere in the UK for a more affordable price.

KCOM is completing the final leg of its full fibre roll out which will reach all the premises in its network by March 2019. The £84m programme puts Hull 14 years ahead of the rest of the UK, where the Government wants to make Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband available by 2033.

For more detail about KCOM’s new Lightstream packages visit https://www.kcomhome.com/products/broadband/

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