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KCOM boss takes to Facebook Live to answer customers’ questions


The people of Hull and East Yorkshire took their chance to put questions straight to the boss of KCOM as the company hosted its first Facebook Live event.

KCOM managing director Sean Royce promised no subject was “out of bounds” as he appeared on the social media channel to face probing questions from customers.

Opening the event, Sean, who took over as boss of KCOM’s Hull and East Yorkshire operations earlier this year, said he hoped the event would be an opportunity to talk directly to customers, answer some of their burning questions and perhaps bust some enduring myths about the company.

He said: “I think it’s important for us to be seen to be more open. Having been in and around the city all of my life, I know lots of people have lots of different views about KCOM. I’ve worried in the past that we have been a little bit faceless.

“I think we’ve sat behind the headlines. But I think it’s important that we sit and talk in front of our customers, listen to what they’ve got to say and answer some questions in a different environment.

“We are a tech company so why not do something like Facebook Live on a tech platform? That’s important to me.

“I hear lots of things that aren’t correct, so I’d like to put the story straight there - and I’d also like to share some of our plans for the future which I think are quite exciting. But by and large I just want to hear some of the questions that our customers have for us.”

The event, which was mediated by former Hull Daily Mail editor John Meehan who fielded the questions, was the first of its kind for the company and was watched thousands of times on the social network.

The event prompted questions on issues as diverse as the pricing of KCOM services, how the company chooses which areas to deploy its Lightstream broadband to next, why no other major service providers are active in Hull and its plans for future innovations.

Nearly 50 questions were pre-registered before the event, with dozens more posed during the 45-minute live chat. KCOM also had a team of customer and technical service operatives on hand on the night to answer any queries about individual service issues.

Following the success of the event KCOM is expecting to host more Facebook Live talks in the future, enabling members of the public to interact with the company.

To watch the full Facebook Live event with Sean Royce again visit https://www.facebook.com/KCOMhome

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