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KCOM powers Driffield broadband fibre revolution


 Lightstream gives local IT expert everything he needs for his computer business

Chris Robson admits he wouldn’t have recommended KCOM ten years ago.

Before the East Yorkshire-based broadband provider began the rollout of its full fibre network, IT expert Chris says he would have advised customers to look elsewhere.

But not any more.

Now KCOM has completed the rollout of its full fibre network across Hull and is investing a further £100m bringing its award winning Lightstream broadband to new towns and villages across the region, Chris says he wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

As the owner of Driffield’s Central Computers, which offers a wide range of computer build, maintenance and repair services, Chris believes KCOM’s fibre broadband gives his business everything it needs – especially in these post-Covid lockdown days.

“It’s been incredibly busy since we reopened the shop,” says IT security and network engineering specialist Chris, who started Central Computers in March 2018.

“On average, I usually have anywhere between five and 15 machines in here – all online at the same time running tests and installing software. But it’s been manic since we reopened the shop as everyone has been bringing in their computers to be fixed, which they hadn’t been able to do during lockdown. At one point last week, I had 40 computers all going at the same time, all online and the broadband dealt with it seamlessly. No problems.

“To be honest it was almost like the broadband was laughing at me – saying ‘is that all you’ve got?’

“It’s head and shoulders over the service I had from my previous supplier. That’s why now I wouldn’t recommend anyone but KCOM. It’s gone from being a real underdog to the leader of the pack and one of the best in the country.”

Now, with KCOM connecting more towns, including Driffield, Market Weighton, Pocklington, Goole, Howden and Hornsea, to its fibre network more people across the region will be able to experience life-changing broadband speeds for themselves.

As well as making the most of his 1Gbps Lightstream broadband package at work, KCOM’s SmartComms UC service enables him to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)calls from home. This was especially important during the height of the coronavirus pandemic when he could plug his phone into his home router and continue to help customers even when they weren’t able to visit his Market Place shop in person.

“It was fantastic. It meant I could still be here for customers over the phone, which I was doing for free just to help people out.”

When he’s not at work, Chris is also enjoying his ultrafast Lightstream at home in Driffield with a 200Mbps connection that allows him to stream Netflix and Amazon in 4k as well as indulging in some downtime gaming on Minecraft or The Elder Scrolls Online.

“It does everything I need it to do,” he says. “Both at work and at home. And then some.”


For more details about Central Computers and its range of services call 01377 255774 or visit https://www.centralcomputersltd.co.uk/

For more details about what Lightstream broadband can do for you visit https://www.kcomhome.com/

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