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KCOM to announce exciting news for customers on Facebook


Company to host second Facebook event

KCOM is to reveal exciting news for its Hull and East Yorkshire customers live on Facebook on Thursday.

The announcement will be made during the second Facebook event hosted by the communications company, following the success of its first Facebook Live event last month.

The company will announce major changes to its phone and broadband packages.

Sean Royce, KCOM’s managing director, said: “Our first Facebook Live event in October was a big success and has been watched thousands of times online. It was the first event of its kind in the UK and we learned a lot from talking and listening to everyone who took part.

“I promised no subjects were ‘off limits’ and it’s fair to say our customers didn’t hold back with some challenging questions and opinions – but that’s exactly what we wanted. It showed that the people of Hull and East Yorkshire are passionate about KCOM and our role in the region – and hopefully it showed that we too want to listen and respond to what our customers want.”

The second KCOM Facebook event will premiere on KCOM’s Facebook channel (www.facebook.com/KCOMhome) at 7pm, on Thursday, 29 November. Its streaming has been timed to give customers the chance to get home from work, feed the kids and log on to watch. The event will once again be hosted by the former Hull Daily Mail editor John Meehan, who will pose the questions.

Sean, who took over responsibility for KCOM’s Hull and East Yorkshire operations earlier this year, said: “Our first Facebook Live broadcast was so popular we’ve decided to take to social media again.

“The next event on Thursday will show what progress we’ve made since last time and will also contain some big announcements about our products and services which everyone who uses the phone or internet in Hull or East Yorkshire should find very interesting.

“I don’t want to give away too much now, but hopefully it will be good news for a lot of people.”

To receive a notification when the video goes live, please visit www.facebook.com/kcomhome and click 'Get Reminder' on the pinned post. 


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