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Lightstream helps keep the peace for busy family


What do you do when your daughters want to watch Love Island on catch-up, but you’d rather catch the news or a movie on Netflix?

It’s a familiar problem for families across Hull and East Yorkshire - when everyone wants to be online at the same time doing different things. If you don’t have a broadband service that can cope with today’s internet demands you could be set for a frustrating evening of buffering.

That’s why Roger Craven decided to preserve peace and harmony in his west Hull home by upgrading to Lightstream full fibre broadband.

“We decided to upgrade because we were watching more and more on Now TV, Amazon and Netflix,” he says.

“And while my wife and I were watching one thing, my daughters would be off watching something else, or on YouTube or Facebook. Because we were all online at the same time it kept buffering, which was causing a lot of frustration.”

Roger, who runs his own timber merchant business, says having Lightstream installed had been “a very nice experience”.

“The guys who came were absolutely brilliant,” he says. “We ended up with three teams, fitting the new router and boosters so we could get coverage all around the house. It was all done very quickly.”

Using their new package’s 75Mbps speed and unlimited data, Roger and family are now able to stream and surf to their hearts’ content – with no worries about their service dropping out.

“We’ve definitely noticed the difference,” says Roger. “It’s definitely faster. The main thing now is we don’t notice it, it just works, which means no-one’s complaining any more – and in a busy house that’s a good thing. It’s remarkable how quickly you get used to it.

“The kids can watch TV while being glued to their phone screens and updating their Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. They can multi-task, which is a skill I’ve yet to master!” says Roger.

“But it means they can watch Love Island while we watch a box set or a film - and everybody’s happy.”

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