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Local business owners share ideas as part of Micro Biz Matters 2017


Young micro-business owners from Hull recently shared their expertise and stories with fellow business owners across the country as part of the annual Micro Biz Matters Day.

The event, which is organised by Enterprise Rockers, took place across a live ‘Blab’ chat with the KCOM Learning Zone playing host to the Hull-based business owners, as well as representatives from Hull City Council’s Youth Enterprise Team.

The aim of the day was to celebrate the contribution micro-businesses make to the UK economy with business owners coming together to share their tips for success.

Tina Boden, founder of Enterprise Rockers and Micro Biz Matters Day, said:

“We were delighted that Hull, through its work in supporting micro businesses and young entrepreneurs, joined us to be part of Micro Biz Matters Day.

“Hundreds of thousands of micro-business owners gave up their time to help other micro-business owners somewhere in the world on what was a very successful day.”

Ross Bennett, chair of the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership, added:

“Young people who set up a business are just like any other person. However, they are often not taken seriously by larger organisations and businesses, and like all micro-businesses they are playing a vital role in reviving the economy.

“It’s not always about high growth and expansion for young people, it’s about enjoying what they are doing. Many of them are wanting to put back into their community not because it’s the trendy thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do and for that reason I am pleased that so many young people made a contribution to Micro Biz Matters Day.”

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