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No more data worries for Nicola with unlimited Lightstream


Nicola’s house is a constant whirr of online activity

If the mum-of-three’s not streaming box sets on Netflix her sons aged 17, 13 and nine are busy playing Fortnite or doing their homework online.

Nicola, said: “One of the boys has an Xbox and the other two share a PS4 and they’re always either playing games, watching YouTube or streaming films. I chose to go unlimited because it took away the worry about going over my data limit – whereas before I was constantly checking how much I’d used. Now I can be relaxed and just let them get on with it.

“I’ve definitely noticed the difference in speeds since I upgraded. I don’t have any buffering like I used to when I’m watching TV and I don’t get any complaints from the boys about their games lagging. The internet has never dropped off since I got the faster package either - I was constantly having to reboot it before, but I’ve not had any problems since.”

Nicola, Hessle

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