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Ofcom’s review of broadband market in Hull and East Yorkshire


Ofcom, the communications industry regulator, has published the initial findings of its latest market review into the broadband market in Hull and East Yorkshire. This follows Ofcom’s publication of parallel reviews for the rest of the UK.

The body, which carries out market reviews every three years, uses its assessment to address “potential competition concerns” as KCOM continues its Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband rollout in the Hull area.

The consultation with interested communication providers, resellers and customers will continue until September with the review’s findings due for publication in early 2018.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM’s chief marketing officer, said: “Our position as the leading provider of broadband to households and businesses in the Hull area means Ofcom already requires us to have a process in place for other communications providers to request access to our network to serve their own customers.

“This is an option that has been taken up by several providers in recent years who provide current generation broadband services to business. We will continue to work with partners to help them deliver services to their customers in this way and will meet all reasonable requests for access that will help them deliver next generation broadband services.

“Our full fibre Lightstream service is available to more than 130,000 properties in Hull and East Yorkshire, making it the ultrafast capital of the UK. We welcome the plans of other broadband providers to develop their own fibre networks here, which make Hull unique in the UK in having the prospect of a choice of three independent suppliers of full fibre broadband. Households and businesses in the region are also served by a number of providers of 4G and fixed wireless broadband services.

“Ofcom has recognised that the broadband market is changing as providers like KCOM develop new and better services to meet the digital needs of consumers and businesses. We look forward to sharing our views with Ofcom on how regulation can help us meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.”

The deployment of KCOM’s fibre broadband will reach more than 150,000 properties – that’s 75 per cent of its network - by the end of the year, providing a level of pure fibre coverage that’s unparalleled across the UK.

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