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PRO-Team service going down a storm


Helping you get the most from your Lightstream service

Do you have an issue with your Wi-Fi? Does your X-Box lag, your Netflix buffer or your tablet keep disconnecting?

If so, maybe you need a visit from the KCOM PRO Team. The expert broadband problem solvers are offering hundreds of FREE appointments across Hull and East Yorkshire, helping people get the most out of their Lightstream broadband.

KCOM will reach its entire Hull and East Yorkshire with full fibre broadband by March 2019 – that’s more than 200,000 properties – making this region one of the most connected on the planet.

But although KCOM guarantees delivering up to Gigabit speeds to your front door, sometimes problems inside the home can affect how your broadband and your Wi-Fi performs.

The PRO Team will use the latest high-tech tools to work out why your Wi-Fi isn’t delivering the tiptop speeds it could be.

The team has already visited hundreds of customers to troubleshoot their online problems and is helping to make Hull and East Yorkshire a happier place to surf, stream and game.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of the PRO Team’s satisfied customers have said on social media about its visit.


Dr Meme Queen‏ @The_Queen_G

A @KCOMhome engineer has been to resolve my Wi-Fi issues and was very pleasant and great with the dog. He installed #WifiExtenders on all three floors - free of charge! Thank you for excellent service! This is available for anyone having Wi-Fi issues btw. #kcom #CustomerService


Brad Johnson‏ @bradjohnson71

So recently changed from @purebroadband to @KCOMhome #lightstream have to say quality installation by the first fitter and then by the #PRO-Team today, polite clean and quick and the most important thing the quality, speed seems to be amazing – let’s hope it stays that way


Paul Nickerson‏ @DigitalDad_UK

The very excellent Macauley at ours this morning from the @KCOMhome PRO Team - making our fibre broadband fly even faster. This & FTTC are how KCOM are making their monopoly a dividend for Hull - no other provider can or would do this. KCOM are unique again we should treasure them.


Pippa Robson‏ @PippaJRobson 

“Super support from @KCOMhome PRO-Team, Wi-Fi extenders fitted for free, all part of the service. Less moaning from kids. Thanks Hannah :)”


To arrange a PRO-Team visit for your home visit www.kcomhome.com/proteam

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