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PRO Team works wonders for Jan


Making sure she gets the best from her Lightstream

There’s a never an ideal moment for your TV to start buffering.

But when you’re engrossed in watching your team play there’s nothing worse than the spinning circle of doom just at a pivotal moment of the match.

So, when Jan Hornby found her streaming service was buffering and her internet dropping out at the most inopportune moments she decided to call in the experts.

After a quick call to KCOM’s PRO Team one of its in-home problem solvers visited Jan’s east Hull home to make sure she was getting the most out of her Lightstream broadband.

Jan Hornby

Jan, the founder of east Hull’s Pelican Park Community Trust, said: “My internet had been dropping out now and then for a while. To be honest I didn’t think much about it, it only really bothered me when I was watching the rugby.

“But my daughter suggested I contact KCOM’s PRO Team and ask them to come and have a look. She’d done a speed test and I wasn’t getting the 200Mbps that I should have been.”

The PRO Team visit was arranged and a specialist engineer trained to trouble shoot Wi-Fi problems visited Jan within a week. Jan’s was one of 500 free PRO Team appointments KCOM now provides every month, Monday to Saturday, helping people get the best Lightstream experience possible.

The engineer identified a problem with the router and relocated it to a more central position.

Jan's tweet

“I was amazed it was a free service. The engineer came, sorted out my problem within an hour, tidied up after himself and now everything is working exactly as it should be,” said Jan.

“He was really friendly and, the best thing was, he explained what he was doing at every stage, what the problem was to start with and what he was doing to solve it. He checked it was working before he left. I was really impressed, it was a great service, especially for free.”

“Now I can watch the rugby with no interruptions and I don’t miss any of the action.”

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